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Week 3 is over

Published: 22/01/12

So that was week 3 and lots more talent got onto Team Bressie, Sharon, Kian and Brian. So, here’s where we’re at: Bressie added 2 new members to his team: the high voiced Rory Quinn and the unique Kiera Byrne. Sharon also added 2 new acts to her team: the timid Nollaig O’Connor and elegant Vanessa Whelan. Kian added 3 new acts to his team: musical Lucy O’Byrne, traditional Lorna Jordan and the funky Sandra Jane Hyland. And finally, Brian also added 3 new acts to his team: the established Brendan Keeley, classical Lata McCarthy and the crazy Lindsay Hamilton. At this stage, Bresssie and Brian have 8 on their team and Sharon and Kian have 7. Bring on the next 2 Blind Audition shows and keep checking in here for all the latest on The Voice of Ireland and loads of backstage videos.


2 responses to “Week 3 is over”

  1. Mary Kirwan says:

    Brendan keeley ….big blast from the past. Show us the future Brendan.

  2. bebhinn says:

    Hey:) how do i audition for voice of ireland?

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