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Published: 27/01/13

Episode 4 was a night of controversial contestants and irate coaches… We had Andy McUnfraidh complaining that drunks were always taking his money and David Merriman calling Westlife out as a bunch of gits he hated, while Bressie told the other coaches they were acting like gobsh*tes and Sharon threatened to kill Kian… steady on woman!
Kian kicked off in fine form, saying contestants were smokin hot and insisting “ladies first” to Sharon in his battle for Bob, how gallant! But of course it wasnt to last, with him warning contestants “I’m gonna tell you when you’re not great”, like thats really gonna convince them to choose you. and getting the hump when his band got slagged off. He then went on to diss his old homies himself insisting he wasnt just the guy from Westlife that stands on stage singing silly lullaby songs.
After all her begging last week – Sharon hit a new low professing her undying love for contestants so they’d choose her. how low will this woman go, will she stop at nothing? Still, she won both her battles against Kian this week, maybe her menacing threat did the trick? But her rep as a style icon was left in tatters after Thomas Kane-Byrne laughed at her snazzy gold trousers, and Eoghan told her she looked like Michael Jackson, harsh!
And after another night of stealing contestant’s hearts it was a case of handbags at dawn as Jamelia reached the end of her tether with Bressie’s flirting. They had a big barny after Bressie accused her of belittling him and worse, claimed shes such a diva she doesnt even pay for rehearsal rooms- shocker! The spat ended with Jamelia’s somewhat random revelation that she never eats food off the floor, high standards indeed.


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