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The Voice Is Back!

Published: 06/01/13

What an eventful first night back on air! Bressie dropped the S-Bomb, Jamelia and Sharon got trigger happy with their buttons and Kian threw some fighting words at the Mullingar man! Jamelia is already proving to the perfect addition to the line up. Bringing an urban side to the coaches that Bressie has already tried to match with that not so subtle swagger drop – Never again Niall! Sinead O’Brien caused the biggest battle of words with Kian accusing Bressie of thinking the show is all about him. Well Kian…there is only one male coach trending on twitter right now.. Speaking of the big man, he stole the heart of Amy as she almost stole the show and didn’t even get through! Although some would argue a hug and lick of Bressie is worth just as much!

Keith Hanley was a favourite of mine. One. Those Dungarees. Two. He taught me after the show to dance like Queen B, Beyonce SINGLE LADIEZ INDEPENDENT WOMEN WUT. Check out to see how I got on. He got the sniping between Bressie and Kian underway early, with Bressie claiming that Kian never actually sang on any Westlife records


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