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The Kian Egan Fightback

Published: 22/01/13

So, week 3 of the blind auditions already – and what a night of faux pas from Mr.Egan! From not recognising the voice of his ex-protege, to making his first foray into the world of fashion. He came across as a man demented – especially when he started rocking back and forth in his chair screaming ‘Bressie…Sharon’ over and over…

Ben Tighe kicked things off with ‘California Girls’ but it was more a case of Dundalk/Brummie birds for this Ladies Man! Before his audition he told us Sharon was hot then fell for Jamelia when she said he smelled nice – so for Jamelia it’s less about the voice and more about the aftershave…

After Kian was blinded by Kelly Mongan’s bling Bressie suggested he should use his Gok Wan qualities to make her over – well Kian, not everyone can rock the white suit on a stool look!

And after yet another night of Bressie being top dog it’s clear Kian and Sharon better up their game for the remaining 3 blind auditions. Poor Sharon had a tough time of it, first begging Andrew Mann to “please please PLEASE choose me!” then hanging her head in defeat when Eoin Dixon Murphy went for Bressie. Ah well, at least she got to kick Kian up the arse! Tune in next week for more Bishop Brennan style larks…


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