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The Gloves Are Off…

Published: 22/04/12

This week on the Voice of Ireland, our eight remaining Talents battled it out to get their chance to release the single they performed on tonight’s Show on to iTunes! The majority power was put in to the hands of the audience at home, with the Coaches given 100 points each to award between their Talents where they felt it was deserved! Let’s recap on all the juicy details of the night, shall we?!

To start us off in style, the two remaining ladies from Team Sharon showed us how it’s done. Vanessa Whelan sang Katherine Jenkins version of “Who Wants to Live Forever”, we honestly weren’t sure if there was a dry eye in the house. Kim Hayden took on the greats this week singing Christina Aguillera’s version of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”, a song originally sung by Etta James. It was great to see her doing what she does best, especially when she does it so well. Kian, Brian and Bressie all gave Vanessa their vote of confidence. And when it was time for Sharon Corr to divide her 100 points between the two Talents, she awarded Vanessa 65 and Kim 35.

Team Brian were next up to give us all a taster of their talents. Richie Hayes quite fittingly performed “One Voice” by Barry Manilow, Kian wasn’t too impressed with it, saying his performances have been very the same thing every week. And though this week has been filled with upheaval after Brian’s choice to save Alan Fitzsimons for a third week in a row, Alan didn’t let it shake him when he went out on stage tonight and sang “To Where You Are” by Josh Groban, Alan told us back stage that he wasn’t going to be knocked down and he’s just enjoying every minute. Bressie said it was important for both of the acts to put a bit of character in to their performances, Kian felt frustrated that Alan hadn’t sang that style of singing before as it was his strongest performance. It was now time for Brian to divide his points between his Team, he gave 45 points to Richie leaving 55 for Alan.

The third part of the show was designated to the one and only, Team Kian and first up to do our Westlife man proud was Sharon Gaynor singing Mariah Carey’s version of “Open Arms”, she wowed the audience with this song which had sentimental value for her as she walked up the aisle to it. Our Northern man was up next finally getting the chance to show off what his voice is capable of with a country song, he sang “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. Bressie said he’d finds it difficult to place Sharon, but that there was no personality in either of the songs and Sharon Corr felt Jim had that edge. It was over to Kian and he defended their performances, saying that in this competition, it was important to sing songs the audience at home know. He then, brutally, gave 30 points to Sharon and 70 points to Jim.

And finally, the last Team of the evening to perform as well as being one of the most highly antcipated ones was Team Bressie! Conor Quinn who has just recently recovered from “Man Flu” didn’t show any sign of weakness, when he mesmerized us with the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”. And our last act to sing for the viewers at home was the wonderful Pat Byrne singing “What a Wonderful World” quite wonderfully, did we mention we think he’s wonderful!? And the Coaches seemed to agree. Kian said that Conor was the one to beat in the Show where Brian would have chosen Pat. Bressie took his turn then and divided his points between his remaining two Talents, giving 60 to Conor and 40 to Pat.

To end the Show, Professor Green took over the stage with his single “Remedy”, the track was actually co written and features our own Ruth-Anne Cunngingham! It was nice to have her presence on the stage even though she wasn’t there herself!

We waited and waited as the power was given over to the public! And as those votes were counted up, Maverick Sabre performed his hit single “Let Me Go”, what a song and my lord, what a unique voice, we’ve been humming it since. But reality soon set in, and Kathryn told us the votes.
Leaving from Team Brian was Alan and soon to follow from Team Kian was Sharon Gaynor. We then said goodbye to Kim from Team Sharon and lastly Team Bressie saw Conor go home. The four remaining Talents: Richie, Jim, Vanessa and Pat were obviously delighted to be in the Final four but you could see by their faces that it was a bitter sweet victory, though they moved on to the final round, they had to part ways with some dear friends.

So as the tears fell, each Team’s winner released their single in to the iTunes charts and for each one purchased, it will count as a vote towards next week’s show.
Only the Final show remains and if this week is anything to go by, the big guns will be out! Until then, hope you enjoyed the Show.


13 responses to “The Gloves Are Off…”

  1. Alison Taber says:

    I am all for fair play and reality. But I have to say that there should be grace in leaving the competition but when your coach blatently throws you under the bus and reverses over you to send you home how is that commensurate with getting to the Top 8 in over 2,000 contestants…………..Kian, you should have shown some dignity tonight in releasing Sharon Gaynor, last week you made the crowd stand in awe of her…………….She is an amazing talent and absolutely didn't deserve that

  2. Deirdre Walsh says:

    Kian stabbed Sharon in the back and then threw her under the bus , so not fair to the poor girl , she did"nt deserve that !!!!

  3. Liz says:

    Absolute shocker that Conor is gone !! complete travesty when you've got someone like Richie still there!! big flaw in the voice concept, that even at this late stage it's teams rather than individuals that we are voting for!!

  4. GWX says:

    I think once the show reached semi final stage all acts should have been against each other. By that I mean 4 to leave the show tonight, but not necessarily 1 from each coach. Conor Quinn is gone and it's obvious that both he and Pat deserved a place in the final ! It doesn't seem fair that Conor, who in my opinion should have been the 'Voice of Ireland' is gone while there are less talented people still there !!!

  5. goretti mccosker says:

    I cant believe Conor is gone what a unique voice,he should go on to do better things good luck Conor

  6. Deborah says:

    Conor gone home? That's the downside of being on Team Bressie….all his acts were amazing because Bressie knows talent when he hears it. Conor and Pat both deserved a place in the final….it's like an All Ireland Final gone wrong !

  7. Joe says:

    Absolutely great show last nite!! Pat to win, he was just fantastic.

  8. Seamus Frawley says:

    I have to say that I find the format of this show seems to be designed to generate absolute and utter humiliation to the contestants. It is distasteful in the extreme and I will not be watching in future. I would also point out that there was not equal voting rights between the public and the judges. The judges had the power to weigh the result so in favour of one contestant as to render the public vote meaningless.

  9. Richie says:

    Is the public vote published? We know how the judges vote was split, how was the public vote split?

  10. Sue says:

    At this stage in the competition it should be all about the contestants and not about the judges having to have one act in the final…That is an absolute travesty as both Conor and Pat should be still in it…Also disgraceful that for the first time in the whole series, most of the judges had negative comments about Richie, which was completely out of the blue, as every other week, they sang his praises….His coach should be mentoring him, to ensure that he makes the songs his own, instead of sending him out like a lamb to the slaughter…Thank God his fans saved him as he has a fabulous voice, but the choice of song was poor….as it was too much like a song from a musical or Tops of the Town. Vanessa was fantastic as ever, but Pat stole the show last night….Mega

  11. Heatz says:

    Conor gone!

    The public messed up there

    Why have we not been told what the public % was?

    Id like to know what margin was between pat and conor

    Pat for the win

  12. Maisie says:

    Can't believe Conor is gone. Amazing talent. Watched the show all the way through and disappointed now with final. Cant believe Kian either and his choice.

  13. Ronan Raftery says:

    What a voice from the man, Richie!!! Hope he goes all the way!!!

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