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The Final Battle

Published: 27/02/12

So now we have the final 24 Talents that will be going through to the LIVE SHOWS.
Here’s a recap on this week’s show, the Final Battle….Ding ding ding. First up for team Sharon, we had Nollaig and Alan singing ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones. Nollaig had trouble with her nerves in rehearsals but Alan made sure to take over the big brother role to help her through them. Brian described their performance as his “favourite duet so far, so much natural expression”. Bressie said it was a beautiful performance, finishing “Nollaig I love your voice, it’s astounding. And Alan I love your voice even more”. Kian thought it was “better than Susan Boyle’s version”. Sharon felt the performance was “so uncontrived in an industry of mimics…” with Don finishing “the performance was world class”. Though she clearly didn’t want to lose either of them, Nollaig was the one to go through to the live shows. Lots of family support was seen throughout the show, when members congratulated each other with hugs and compliments. Nollaig’s family said that Alan’s support helped her through! Next up for Team Sharon was, Onya and Fauve: this was an interesting one because the two had previously battled against each other in ‘You’re a Star’ when Fauve beat Onya and her band. Sharon said she could feel the tension between the two when she came in the room. The ladies rocked Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’. During the performance, Kian reacted badly to Fauve’s dance moves as Sharon sang along to every word. Bressie told Onya that if he had a rock band that needed a singer, she would be it in a second. Kian described the performance as average to which the audience booed. In the end, Sharon noted that though she had feared that Fauve was one dimensional, she proved tonight that she wasn’t and she was chosen to go forward to the live shows. A disappointed Onya kept it together and said she’d wait till she got home to fall apart.

For team Bressie, Conor and Nikita were first up to give their rendition of The Fray’s ‘How to save a life’. Bressie chose the song to encourage an emotional performance from the two. Later he said the best thing about this battle was that ‘We’ve changed nothing about them.’ Kian feared Nikita was overshadowed by Conor’s uniqueness, he also felt that he had huge potential ‘but the facial expressions are hard to get past’. To much controversy, Brian said that if Disney made a movie about the Hunchback of Notre Dame, that Conor would be the voice, because “it was beautiful but there’s an ugliness to it as well”. Feeling like a proud father, Bressie said that ‘You captivated me as performers and as people.’ But that there was a uniqueness in Conor that he couldn’t look past, which led him to choose Conor for the live shows. An overjoyed Conor said that this was beyond anything he could have dreamt of. Next up for team Bressie was Rock Chick Kiera and Diva Carolann singing ‘Standing in the way of Control’ by The Gossip. The ladies had trouble with the chorus in rehearsals but blew the roof off in their performance, the energy from them could be felt in the room. Brian thought it was the first proper battle, while Sharon loved every bit of the performance, Kian was extremely impressed as well. Bressie said that ‘You’ve become performers in the last few weeks.’ And after considering their overall performances, he waved goodbye to Carolann and welcomed Kiera in to his final six for the live shows.

For Brian’s first battle, Colin and Ryan were given ‘One’ by U2, which Brian admitted was a tough song to do right, he was afraid it was going to sound like a karaoke/ Cabaret. But when they were up on that stage, the boys really threw themselves in to the performance and showed off their moves. Bressie had openly disliked Ryan’s sound in the Blind Auditions but ate his words after his battle when he described his voice as: ‘a completely nurtured pop voice’. Kian didn’t know who to choose but he was happy not to be the one deciding. Firstly, Brian went to Eddi for guidance and then to the audience in the hall who erupted in cheers! He finally decided based solely on the night’s performance, he chose Ryan. Backstage, Ryan was filled with hopeful tears that perhaps this would be his chance ‘to do something in the music industry.’ For his last battle, Brian put Richie and Conor up against each other to sing Van Morrison’s ‘Crazy Love’. Straight away Eddi showed she had a soft spot for Conor, saying: “Conor has a romance in him.” While Brian feared that in the battle, Richie might over sing the song where Conor might under sing it. They both gave a fantastic performance! Bressie described Richie as “effortless and a true professional” and compared Conor’s voice to Brian Kennedy’s. Sharon felt there was so much joy in the performance. A frustrated Eddi, gave out to Brian for putting the two performers together, Brian stated that “Either one of you could be the Voice of Ireland, that’s why it’s so hard.” But finally decided that Richie had a tiny edge over Conor and would be the one to go through. A disappointed Conor had nothing but very kind words for Richie describing him as “world class”.

First up for Team Kian was the lovely Elliot and Christina who are the two youngest Talents on the show. Kian chose ‘Creep’ by Radiohead as their battle song. In the auditions, Kian felt that either of them could go on to win the Show, but was dishing out the tough love in rehearsals, which left Christina in tears.
During the performance, family members discussed Elliot’s sore throat behind the scenes and Kian didn’t look too happy while he watched them perform. The two were inseparable during the rehearsals, which Brian found hard to believe, as there seemed to have “a wall between the two of you during that performance.” Kian was straight to point in his criticisms, ‘I’m a little bit disappointed, you lost it… If I were to put you against the two of the others, you’d be going home.” Finally coming to an abrupt answer that he would be taking Elliot to the live shows. Family members were angry at Kian’s reaction: “He was supposed to be their mentor.” Finally for team Kian, Jim and Lorna took to the stage to sing Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I can’t make you love me’. Throughout rehearsals, Kian was taken with Lorna’s lovely personality and was surprised by Jim’s talent, “I have a lot of love for them both” and described them as “perfect country singers in a perfect little moment.” They gave a fantastic performance but Sharon felt Lorna’s nerves at the beginning but was happy to see her take control. Brian admitted to adoring Jim’s singing and thought it was a great combination. A chuffed Kian thought it was a “Beautiful performance” and that Jim was a bit of a dark horse. Judging on this song alone, he decided that Jim would be the final talent in his team. Backstage, Lorna, though disappointed, was very proud of herself for doing things that she never would have done before, like sing a ballad or perform without her guitar!

So that was the end of the battles and each Coach has chosen their final 6! It’s been an emotional few weeks with so many wonderful talents being showcased! But the best is yet to come, the Live Shows are starting next Sunday and they are going to be something you’re not going to want to miss! So stay tuned folks…


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