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The Final Audition

Published: 10/02/13

Episode 6 was the last chance for the coaches to complete their teams. Sharon and Jamelia only needed to get one each, Kian needed two and Bressie had to land a whopping three – would the Mullingar man be up to the challenge?
Man-eater Jamelia was at it again, saying she thought both Daryl Phillips and James Sheridan were cute and revealing that’s all she was looking for in a contestant… sure who cares if they can sing! She also tried out a new tactic, mouthing at the other coaches not to bother turning for Erica O’Hara after she just had – and it worked, genius! However it wasn’t one of her better ideas to tell Katy Anna Mohan she becomes possessed and laughs like a maniac when she gets on stage – no wonder Katy chose Bressie…
Kian boasted he’d written a whole FIFTEEN songs for Westlife – and the band were together for how many years?! He then failed to recognise Stephen Hudson who had supported Westlife on tour. Stephen got his revenge by choosing Sharon. That didn’t stop Kian having the last word though as he ordered all his fans not to vote for Stephen ever – Heil Egan!
Sharon continued her persecution of Kian, making choking motions at him when Danielle Ward chose him as coach, and telling him she turned at the last second for Katy Anna Mohan just to annoy him. She then started on Bressie, comparing him to a fly-strip, nice!
Bressie made the startling revelation that not only did he think ‘Call Me Maybe’ was the best tune ever, but that Abba were his favourite band of all time… No doubt his team are really looking forward to working with him on song choices now… But worse was to come when Kian revealed he’d heard Bressie singing Westlife songs – oh the shame!!
Now the auditions are over we can finally look forward to next weeks battles where… wait for it… the coaches will FINALLY change their clothes after six weeks, hallelujah! Dear god the Helix must have some stench off it at this stage…


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