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The Battle Is On

Published: 13/02/12

Did anyone expect what went down last night? I don’t think so! 16 of our acts came out on stage and battled for their place in The Live Shows. Our coaches had the hard job of choosing and the decisions did not look easy. So here’s where we’re at so far: first up, Liam and Stephen from Team Kian took to the stage and sang ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and what a performance, all the coaches described it as emotional but in the end Kian picked Liam to go through to The Live Shows. Next up was Dara and Pat from Team Bressie, an unusual pair with completely different styles but they really made it work with Sheryl Crow’s ‘If It Makes You Happy’ and Bressie went for his preference of tone with Pat. Brian chose Alan and Lata as the first of his team to hit the stage and they sang REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ and Brian chose Alan to go through. Kellie and Kate were the next duo from Team Sharon and she gave them Lulu’s ‘Shout’, talk about girl power but Sharon had to pick one and it was Kellie. Bressie chose Rory and Gavin next and he gave them the U2 cover of ‘Everlasting Love’, after much hesitation, they nailed it and Bressie had the hard decision and went for Gavin, at which Kian told Rory to come back next year and he’d pick him for his team! Rockers Graham and Sandra Jane from Team Kian were up next and they gave a rockin performance of Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’, another very difficult decision and Kian decided to go for who he thought would be the most entertaining and that was Graham. ‘Opposites attract’ said Brian when pairing these two, Sinead and Lindsay. They struggled to sing together but on the night they pulled off Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ and Sinead went through to The Live Shows. Finally, Sharon’s classical duo, Dan and Vanessa, brought the house down with their beautiful rendition of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ and although all the coaches thought they should remain together singing as a duo, Sharon had to pick one and she went for Vanessa.

A very exciting show all together and whatever the result, these guys are giving us an amazing show of talent. Can’t wait to see who’s up next week so keep checking in here for all the latest on The Battles and much much more.

Tune in next Sunday @ 6:30pm on RTE ONE and catch the repeat on Thursday on RTE TWO @ 7:30pm.


One response to “The Battle Is On”

  1. Indiana rua says:

    am still not over the gavin and rory story, and NO ONE i have watched it with or spoken to (we're talking all age ranges), gets it either. it was GLARING obvious to any neutral, that Rory had the strongest voice and renditition of the song- at times I couldn't hear gavin, his range was so low, and rory's capacity to convey emotion in his voice was so evocative so moving. Bressie has made a big mistake and it makes me question his mentoring and judgement. Will reserve judgement (i do love bressie but he done wrong by rory-in many and opinion) isn't it great to live in a democracy

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