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Oh My Goodness…. The Talent!

Published: 01/04/12

Opening tonight’s Show, was our very own heartthrob Bressie and his extremely talented Team! They rocked the stage with The Kinks “All Day and All of the Night” and broke a few hearts while they were at it. We swear we saw some girl faint during Bressie’s guitar solo.

The lovely Brendan Keeley schooled us in the art of performance yet again this week, singing Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis”, a brilliant start to the Talents, but the Coaches felt though the song choice was good, he struggled with the notes. Still filled with excitement from Team Bressie’s opening performance, Gari Deegan sang an emotional one for us tonight, performing one of Stevie Wonder’s well known songs, “Lately”. Sharon felt it was “slightly pitchy” but that he delivered the emotion. Hoping to keep himself out of the bottom two this week, was Alan Fitzsimons singing another very modern and “hip” tune; David Guetta and Usher’s “Without You”, but yet again the Coaches didn’t agree with the song choice and felt Alan was trying to be “too modern”. Conor Quinn, who has been consistently trending on Twitter every week, sang a quite a dark rendition of MGMT’s “Kids”, he seems to be doing something right because the Coaches loved it; Kian said that Conor was “the one to beat”. Our first female performance was from Sinead Fox, who clearly took Sharon Corr’s advice to heart and left “the little girl” behind tonight and became a whole new woman! She performed a mixure between Britney Spears and Joan Jett’s “I love Rock & Roll”, strutted her stuff on the big stage and was accompanied by EIGHT dancers, Bressie thought it was a very “sexy” performance and but Sharon felt she still needs to “lose a bit more control on stage”. Our Carlow Stud, Pat Byrne, swooned the ladies yet again this week with “The Day We Caught the Train” by Ocean Colour Scene, Sharon felt “it was a very hard song to sing” but Kian felt it was a good performance. Another Talent to take the Coaches advice this week was Richie Hayes, who sang Michael Buble’s version of “Love Somebody”, he filled song with emotion and showed the audience just how good he really is. Kian said that Richie tells the story of a song every time he sings it! To close the Show this week, Kiera Byrne tore up the stage with No Doubt’s “Just A Girl”, Bressie was so impressed with his talent tonight, he told us that “the dancers were merely there and she was the boss”.

Yet another fantastic Show this week, we’re feeling like proud parents to all our Talents, but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two and after the ever so long half hour break Kathryn started the Results Show.

To break the nervous tension backstage and believe us there was plenty of it, Olly Murs sang his incredible new single from his Album In Case You Didn’t Know; “Oh My Goodness”! And Oh my goodness, were we melting at the knees! An amazing performer and what a cheeky chap as well. But we have to say he was on his best behaviour backstage, besides the odd April fools prank, that is! 🙂

The time then came for Kathyrn to tell us who was in the final four: On Team Bressie, Gari and Kiera had the least amount of votes, where on Team Brian, Alan and Sinead were in the bottom two. It was always going to be a tough decision but after this week’s Team bonding outings, it was obvious that the choices became that little bit harder on a personal level for the Coaches. But in the end, Bressie picked Kiera to go on to the quarter finals for the simple reason that he felt Kiera was more ready for a recording contract.
And Brian chose to send home Sinead but that looks forward to performing with her in the future. Backstage, both Talents were surrounded by their Coaches, teammates and loved ones and though it was tough they remained positive for their fellow Talents.

We wish them all the best and look forward to buying their CD when it hits the shelves! Until next week, it was a pleasure as always.


One response to “Oh My Goodness…. The Talent!”

  1. Karen McGowan says:

    I can't believe Brendan isstill in this competition when he's clearly got the poorest voice! In my view Bressie has the strongest team out of all the judges with Conor, Pat and Kiera, with the exception of the amazing Elliot from Kian's team.

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