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Last Chance Saloon for First Ever Sibling Battle

Published: 11/03/13

The last of this year’s Voice of Ireland Battle shows could not have kicked off with a greater pairing. All Jamelia had to do was pitch a sexy snail-lovin’ lass from Nice, France, against an enthusiastic graveyard wanderer from Stepaside, Dublin, for this week’s first head-to-head contest.
Alexandra and Sophie borrowed more than just a signature Rihanna pop tune to get this party started. Raunchy dance moves, audience flirtation and a stellar vocal performance from both contestants left all coaches struggling to pick a favourite. With a deadline fast approaching, however, Team Jamelia opted to bring the Dublin native through to the live finals.

Having befriended each other after the Blind Auditions earlier this year, Gary and Mark never expected to one day be entering the ring together. Alas, Sharon and assistant coach Paul Walsh had a different plan of action and shoved the two lads, side-by-side, under the glare of the bright spotlight. “Let that lion roar!” ordered Ms. Corr of her two proteges, but in the end it was house-husband-turned-paintball-warrior Mark who roared loudest.

Locals from Kildare and Sligo must have been throwing shapes in front of the TV this week as respective representatives, Ray and Danielle, took part in a colossal sing-off to the tune of Evanescence. “I’m not going to be a popular man,” admitted Sligo-bred Kian, as he eventually sided with Team Kildare.
Despite earlier confessing to having “the attention span of a goldfish”, Mairead managed to last an entire song, whilst challenging Terri onstage for a place in the live finals. This was followed swiftly by a meeting of two very different worlds, namely Philip’s pop sensibilities doing war against his opponent Shane and his rock tinged tone. Despite two fine performances, Kian surprised everyone (not least school teacher Philip) by bringing Shane through to the upcoming live finals.
And then came the moment of truth…

The infamous Beatty brothers from Ballymun finally got their chance to try and upstage each other with a killer version of “The Girl Is Mine”; a fantastic slant on the Brandy & Monica r’n’b classic from the late 90’s. Predictably, it was an incredibly tough decision for a smitten Jamelia, who openly admitted on air “I’ve got such a soft spot for you guys!” As always, only one contender could go through.
Be sure to watch big brother Wayne Beatty take on a mega cast of The Voice of Ireland finalists – live – from Sunday 17th March. This time you are the coach and every hopeful contender is at your mercy. Watch, vote and witness the arrival of Ireland’s next great pop sensation. This is The Voice!


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