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It’s the Final Countdown…

Published: 29/04/12


It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN duh, duh, duh, duhduhduhduh, duh, duh, duh (we tried)… How has it been nine weeks of Live shows already?! It’s absolutely flown by! Well here we are now, just after hearing the Results and my goodness what night it’s been!

It came down to four very talented finalists; Richie Hayes, Pat Byrne, Vanessa Whelan and Jim Devine!

But The Voice of Ireland crown was awarded to our Borris native: Pat Byrne!

Well done everyone, you should be so proud of your journey, we know we are. And even more proud of our wonderful winner: Pat!! x


One response to “It’s the Final Countdown…”

  1. John says:

    well done Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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