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First Live Show!!

Published: 05/03/12

Last night we had our first ever live show of the Voice of Ireland. Luckily, Kathryn Thomas was on hand to talk us through the breakdown of the show. The control was now given to the public to vote for their favourite talents and the top eight would then be safe to go on to the next round. The bottom 4 are then put in front of their Coach and then they decide who stays and who goes. So tensions were high from the word go last night, especially with a recording contract with Universal music at stake.
To start the show we were reminded of all the lovely memories from the last 8 weeks as the talents were narrowed down to just 24.

Kicking off the show was our OTT boy band hero, Alan Fitzsimons singing Prince’s “Purple Rain” for Team Brian. An emotional Alan was overwhelmed by Kian’s reaction, who said: “I grew up in Sligo and to me you were a popstar when I was a kid, I remember watching OTT and going that’s what I want to be doing.” The next talent up to sing was Gari Deegan who was the first singer to turn three chairs around at the blind auditions. Before the performance, Gari was feeling the pressure but looked very confident on stage singing the old motown classic: ‘Tracks of my tears, from the Miracles.” Sharon loved how he worked the audience, and thought he had beautiful tone to his voice but Kian felt he sang it better in rehearsals, and that it did slip a little bit. Next up for Team Brian was eighteen year old, Sinead Fox who said; before The Voice of Ireland not many of her friends had heard her sing. Her nerves came through at the start of the performance of Laura Izibor’s ‘Shine’ but she soon shook it off and gained back her confidence! She took inspiration from the fact that this song was written by an Irish artist who won a competition and who has gone very far since. Bressie described her as a “A ball of summer and it made everyone very, very happy.” And Kian said she had the makings of a popstar! Our Rock star Diva, Kiera Byrne performed David Guetta’s “Titanium’ which she felt was about inner strength and reflected how she feels now after going through a huge weight loss over the past year, she now hopes she has what the audience wants. The coaches had nothing but praise for Kiera; Brian said she had “vocals of steal” and that she lost herself in it and Kian felt: “To us, you’re like this new star that has been born in front of us. Absolutely superb.”
Before The Voice of Ireland, Richie Hayes had plenty of stage practice, performing in Pantos across the country. He gave a convincing emotional performance of Moving Pictures’ “What about me?” which made the crowd go mad. The song had sentimental value for him as he wanted to sing it for anyone that doesn’t tick the boxes of society. Bressie made a plea for himself and Richie to be in a band together! And Sharon confessed that herself and Kian were tearing up, and that it was “the performance of the night”. Next up for Team Bressie was our very original Conor Quinn, Bressie has made it clear that only over his dead body would Conor change, and stop doing his expressions, Conor admitted that he’s not following any trend; “I’m different I suppose, I like being different, I think it’s important to be different.” His version of Muse’s “Feeling Good” was described by Brian as “menacing” and Sharon felt it was “Bone rattling, I loved it.”
Our very own Fair City Star, Ryan O’Shaughnessy found his competitive streak with the of a record deal at the finish line, he sung “Baby” by Justin bieber, and was glad to take a popular song and change it up a bit. Bressie continued to take back his original negative opinion from the blind audition, saying; “You’re a popstar, you’re amazing.” And though Kian thought the vocal was superb, he wasn’t convinced it was the right song choice for him. Gavin Kenny sang the seductive “Smooth” from Santana, but admitted that he was surprised he’s gotten this far, Sharon felt it was a tough song to sing but that it was a great performance and Kian criticised that though he did enjoy it, he didn’t know if it was up to scratch.
A Goddess soon appeared in the form of Claire O’Loughlin, who sang Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart” in a tone that Brian described as “unusual”. Bressie praised Claire saying: “God rest Whitney Houston’s soul because you can take her place.” Another beauty to hit our stage was the lovely Jessica Pritzel who sang The Beatles classic, “Something”. Before the performance, Jessica told us that she knows that if she doesn’t give it her all then she’s going to be kicking herself forever. After her performance, the coaches reassured her, with Kian saying: “I think you’re a natural, you’re a popstar.” And Brian said: “There’s something in the way you sing”. Finally for Team Brian, Brendan Keeley who is no stranger to the charts, sang the Waterboys’ “You saw the whole of the moon”. He was delighted afterwards saying it was just like going back to “the old times”. The coaches enjoyed every minute of it as well, Sharon said; “You’re a joy to watch and a true professional.” Kian agreed stating: “You rocked it, I’d love to hear you singing some of your old hits.” And last but in no means least, our music teacher from Carlow, Pat Byrne captivated the audience and viewers at home with Paul Weller’s “You do something to me”. Both Kathryn and Sharon stated that he really did “something to them” along with all the female viewers at home.

Throughout the show, Eoghan McDermott was reporting from the Engine Room, interviewing all the acts after they performed as well as keeping us posted on all the social media sites and interacting with the viewers, giving the public a chance to tell the talents what they thought of the show!

After what felt like an eternity of a break between the Show itself and the Results Show, Royseven performed the “2011 most played Irish song on Radio”, “We Should be Lovers”.
The Votes were then counted and the bottom two were announced. For Team Brian, the two with the least amount of votes was Sinead and Ryan. Brian quickly gave his vote of confidence to Sinead and sent a disappointed Ryan home. For Team Bressie, the bottom two were announced, Jessica and Gavin were put against each other for Bressie to decide. Looking very anxious, Bressie told us that he wanted to bring Jessica forward to the next round.

It was anexciting evening all round and the Talents gave it there all! Definitely a night worth remembering and something to be very proud of.


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