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It’s getting personal…

Published: 03/02/13

Five weeks in saw the coaches being reduced to begging on their knees for contestants in-between making granddads cry… actually that was just Sharon – not an easy task while wearing gold spanx. Even the woman herself admitted she was a right tramp!

Bressie’s wish for some girl on girl action came true as Sharon and Jamelia got the claws out in the mother of all catfights over who had the most solo experience. Sharon pointed out she’s done solo, duets AND four pieces doncha know – beat that Brummie!! Well have to watch this one and see how it develops but it appears there ain’t no love lost between these two.

Giving his mouth a well deserved rest this week a clearly bored Kian was content to make farting noises and fiddle with his shoelaces to amuse himself. Kian’s usual playmate, Bressie, tried a few new tactics himself, firstly telling contestants it was his birthday then claiming he deserved to be picked after he’d hurt his hand pressing the button… no wonder he gave up the rugby. While last week Bressie had a bone to pick with Jamelia about rehearsal rooms, this week he had a go at Sharon over recording studios – the Mullingar man has a serious chip on his shoulder about the workplace!

Not forgetting the contestants, Alexandra Miller certainly made an impression on the coaches, leaving Bressie tongue-tied with her French accent and causing Jamelia to grin like a Cheshire cat when she chose her over the other three.

After Derek Power’s performance Sharon turned around and exclaimed “Bono!”, clearly delighted to see her old pal – in fairness while Derek’s voice was similar he looked nothing like the shaded one, should have gone to SpecSavers Sharon!

When Jamelia turned at the last second for Dean Anthony Sharon’s face was priceless and the two were at it again. This resulted in the Dundalk diva delivering her lowest blow yet – playing the Irish card! Although as we saw with Patrick Lacken’s Spanglish performance of Hero, Jamelia can’t tell the difference anyway…

Backstage it was clear whose side Kathryn was on as she egged Sharon on, even warning John Gaughan’s girlfriend to keep her eye on the man-eating coach!


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