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End of An Era…

Published: 08/04/12

Tonight marked an end of an era, with the Team Kian and Team Sharon performing for the last time on separate nights to Team Brian and Bressie. From next week on the finalists from each group will perform against each other every week. It was also time for the final Coach and Team performance, Kian Egan brought the true Irish boy band feel to the Show with his group singing Extreme’s “More than Words” while sitting on the infamous stools, it was a really fantastic opportunity for the Talents to showcase how good they really are vocally and an extremely enjoyable act all round.

Now to get to the performances themselves, first up for Team Sharon was the feisty Kim Hayden singing another equally feisty female Irish vocalist, Imelda May’s tune; “Johnny got a Boom Boom”, The crowd seemed to really enjoy her performance and the band lifted the energy of the song to no end, and Brian admitted to being a big “fan” of our Kim. Kian and Liam Geddes decided to keep with the Westlife theme this week, by choosing their version of “Flying Without Wings”, Sharon thought it was a beautiful rendition of the song but warned him “not to be big for bigs sake”. Our soprano, Vanessa Whelan never ceases to amaze us, and this week she chose to sing, quite topically, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, Kian didn’t “love it” as he didn’t feel the song translated well in to Opera but Brian felt the opposite. We were left in awe of Jim Devine this evening after he sang his Team song so beautifully and he continued to impress us with “Over the Rainbow”, a version sung by Shayne Ward, Bressie felt he needs to be more visual when he performs and move around a bit. The usually quiet Nollaig O’Connor owned the stage this week along with a whole army of dancers when she performed a Robert Palmer version of “Addicted to Love”, Kian liked the first half of the song but was disappointed with the second half, Bressie felt she should stick to her usual style but that she made the song “her own”. A very clever choice of song again with Elliot this week, he chose a crowd favourite in Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” and sung it in an original way but Sharon felt he needs to work on his breathing and though Brian said the performance was incredible. Finally for Team Sharon, Kevin Keeley sung “What Hurts the Most” by Mark Willis, Kian thought it was nice but that it needed something more. And to end the Show in style, Sharon Gaynor showed us who was the “Queen of the Night” when she sang Whitney Houston’s classic, the dancers added to the show but she really took centre stage, but Sharon felt that her song choice last week in Alicia Keyes, suited her voice more.
Throughout the Show, our Engine Room Eegit, Eoghan McDermott was breaking in to dance, building sandcastles whilst giving us our fill of witty remarks, oh Eoghan, is there anything you can’t do?! But this week it seemed the Social Media quarter was bustling with questions and quotes coming in from all around the country, nice to see everyone taking part!

Fair City was soon over and done with and we returned to the night’s excitement where Brian Kennedy got on stage with the accompaniment of no other than the Dublin Gospel Choir to perform his latest single “Best Days” from his upcoming album Voice. We think it’s fair to say from that performance that he can teach his Team a lot about what it is to be a “Voice of Ireland”.
Our wonderful presenter Kathryn Thomas, who was looking beautiful this evening took to the stage to announce the publics decision. The two with the least amount of votes from Team Sharon were Nollaig and Kim, and for Team Kian; Elliot and Sharon were in the bottom two. It was a tough decision but Sharon whose eyes filled with tears, decided to save Kim this evening. Where Kian thought Elliot still has so much time to grow where it’s Sharon’s time right now.

Oh goodness, it was tough to say goodbye tonight to Elliot and Nollaig, but if we thought it was hard to say goodbye to two talents, how hard will it be like next week when we have to say goodbye to four?!

We are now down to our final twelve in the QUARTER FINAL next Sunday- which is beyond exciting!
Till then Folks, thanks for watching.


7 responses to “End of An Era…”

  1. SadFace says:

    Bye bye Elliot, I wont be watching anymore – can't believe your gone f:(

  2. CheekyBailey says:

    I really wonder does Kian Egan have any clue what he is doing? Elliot was by far the best male performance of the night. There is no doubt Sharon has an amazing voice but it's clear, that she will only ever b a pub singer. There is a real place in the market for somebody like Elliot.

  3. lauryn E says:

    it was a great show last nite, but i mite need a new heart by the time its over, all the intensity of the results cant be good 4 it, but our kim showed she is a fighter and is tru to 1/4 finals, she shudnt hav bn in bottom, but someone has to be i suppose, well done to everyone a fantastic show last nite x

  4. ANNOYED says:

    Bit unfair of Kian to save Sharon because Elliot was younger!!!! It is called The Voice after all.

  5. car says:

    Sharon should have gone. she is amazing. but not someone interesting and different like elliot.

  6. Niall says:

    Sharon was totally the right choice by Kian. Elliot is really good but his audience would be very select. Ireland has never produced someone of Sharons standard and she will be huge internationally.

  7. Tina Ellen says:

    What an idiot Cian is to let Elliot go and such a patronizing excuse.
    Does Cian not want to win the competition or does he feel threatened by Elliot. !!!!!!!!!!!

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