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Bressie’s Tackle…

Published: 21/04/13

Can you believe it’s the Quarter Finals already? The show opened with some girl power from Stooshe then saw cosmetic dentistry confessions, arguments over post codes, and talk of arses and orals.

Eoghan managed to get #tackleBressie to the top of the Twitter trends. However he failed miserably when it came to actually tackling the Mullingar Man and ended up with his arm in a sling!

Kian told Kelly she delivered an awesome performance (as opposed to delivering a baby, phew!), while Katy Anna’s unusual homework involved Daniel Day Lewis and a few Dairy Milks, nice!

Shane admitted he nearly strangled Kian when he got the wild card last week, and Bressie nearly dislocated Shannon’s spine when she went through.

Not only did John aka Superman get a ten from Bressie he also got a good luck tweet from Roscommon Royalty Chris O’Dowd! Keith is still waiting on one from Beyonce. And John told us he was busy preparing for his orals next week. Wonder if his stalker FHM model will offer to help him with that.

Wayne confessed he’d done a Simon Cowell and got the auld gnashers whitened and brightened, while Aoife kept talking like Nicole Scherzinger and told us she was delighted at being celeb spotted in Tesco Limerick.

Keith was compared to a male Toni Braxton (unfortunately Eoghan wasn’t around to clarify that one) and kept going on about trains and jackpots, while Shannon’s dad has been making folk stand in the middle of the road to vote as you do.

Bressie told Kian to stop talking through his arse and ‘Weird old lady’ Sharon was told to get off Twitter.

The six that got through were Katy Anna, John, Shane, Shannon, Kelly and Keith, while unfortunately it was curtains for Ray, Wayne, Sinead and Aoife. But what a stellar top ten! See you at the semis…


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