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Battles, Here We Come

Published: 05/02/12

The Blind Auditions are officially over, done and dusted, finito. Next week is The Battle Shows and they are going to be even more exciting, entertaining and spectacular. So, the teams are officially full and each coach has 12 acts to coach for The Battles. This week, Bressie added 2 new acts to round off his team: sassy Carolann Haskins and charismatic Dervla Magennis. Sharon also finished off her team with 2 new acts: belter Kim Hayden and Corr look alike Ingrid Madsen. Kian needed 3 more acts to complete his team and he picked cheeky Elliot Canavan Doyle, smooth Kyle Kennedy and brave Sharon Gaynor. Brian rounded off his team with 2 new acts: OTT’s heartthrob, Alan Fitzsimons and reignited Colin Hand. So, that’s it, all the teams are full are ready to get into battle. Next week, Bressie, Sharon, Kian and Brian split up their teams into duos, picks their songs and coach them to battle it out on the stage. This is where the competition really kicks off.

To remind yourself of the teams, check out the TEAMS tab for all acts, info and their performances.


4 responses to “Battles, Here We Come”

  1. pat byrne says:

    Pat Byrne simply the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eileen Dunne says:

    Elliot Canavan Doyle to win simply the best !

  3. Kevin says:

    Kelly Blaise to win!

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