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Another Great Show!!

Published: 25/03/12

Another Coach took to the stage this week to get the Show off to a flying start- our lovely Sharon Corr performed “Sweet Dreams” with her five Talents of the night. It was a spectacular performance, that left us thinking they would make a great SUPER girl group, with Kevin as an honorary member, of course.

The solo performances were kicked off with the amazing Sharon Gaynor who sang Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t got You”, she was accompanied by a piano, which really gave her a little extra something special tonight. A delighted Sharon Corr thoroughly enjoyed hearing a tender side to her voice, which she much preferred and Bressie said that she is one of the strongest female Talents in the Show! Our soulful country singer, Kevin Keeley sang an Oasis track; “Half the World Away”, and said it was dedicated to his sister who recently moved over to Canada. Sharon told us that his subtle beautiful voice touched her heart. Our new Dad, Jim Devine gave us something to remember with his effortless rendition Boyce Avenue’s “We Found Love”, Brian wasn’t sure about the song choice but remains a fan of his voice where Bressie thought there needed to be more of a build up throughout the performance.
Then the Dancers made their evening debut accompanying Kim Hayden on the stage for her exciting version of “Mercy” by Duffy. A surprised Kian felt that it was a great performance, and that it was much better than last weeks; “Tonight you proved that you deserve your spot in the competition”.
To finish up the first half of the show, Elliot found his niche in singing the Oscar winning song from Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, “Falling Slowly”, though slightly uncomfortable being on stage without his guitar, Bressie said that his voice is the most intriguing male vocal outside of his own Team and Kian was very happy with the performance.

Our Cork Cailin Nollaig O’Connor sang the late Amy Winehouse’s version of “Will you Still Love me Tomorrow”, her unique voice brought out a haunting side to the song and Kian thought is was a little nervy and shakey but that he still enjoyed it. Another emotional performance was Liam Geddes singing Leona Lewis’ rendition of “Run”, we think it’s clear from that performance that Liam’s busking days are well and truly over and even though he was been suffering from the flu all week, Bressie said he was “probably the best contemporary male singer in the competition” but that he should try and avoid “epic” songs. Our very own Soprano Vanessa Whelan gave a heart wrenching performance of Andrew Llyod Webber’s “Pie Jesu”, there is no one else like her in the competition and Sharon believes that will stand to her, Kian said he would love to hear her do something a little contemporary just “to mix things up”. Finally for Team Sharon, Kellie sang the fitting “Mama Do” by Pixie Lott, who was backstage listening to her, Kellie has a great look and voice, but it wasn’t what Kian was looking for and Bressie insisted that she should stick with jazz in future because it’s where she’s strongest.
And to finish the Show, Team Kian’s Graham had us up and dancing along to “Let Me Entertain You” by Robbie Williams. He along with his eight dancers made sure we were left wanting more! But Sharon said she is looking forward to hearing a softer side to him in future.

Everyone waited for the most talked about guest performance to date, and it was well worth it when Pixie Lott strutted her stuff on to The Voice of Ireland stage to sing her hit single “Kiss the Stars”, the audience were up, the camera men were bopping away as she showed us what her “voice”. Everyone was quickly brought back down to earth, when Kathryn began to announce the results. The votes were counted and for Team Sharon; Kelly was up against Kevin to secure their spot. A disappointed Sharon decided to bring Kevin forward as she felt that he gave a more emotional performance. And for Team Kian, the bottom two consisted of Liam Geddes and our little rock star Graham. A heart broken Kian decided to save Liam from going home, though it was obvious he was completely shocked by the publics decision.
Backstage the two were very disappointed but they remain positive for their future singing prospects, and so do we. Well done guys, you gave a great show!


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