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4 Down, 1 To Go

Published: 29/01/12

So that was the second last episode of The Blind Auditions, next week we’re on to The Battle rounds. Here’s where we’re at: Bressie added 2 new acts to his team; harmonica playing Pat Byrne and sweet Kate Gilmore. Sharon added 3 new acts to her team; crooner Alan Lawlor, seductive Fauve Chapman and country Kevin Keeley. Kian added 2 new acts to his team; rocky Graham Dowling and smooth Jim Devine. Brian also added 2 new acts to his team; powerful Claire O’Loughlin and charming Ryan O’Shaughnessy. Next week, Bressie, Sharon and Brian need 2 more acts to fill their team and Kian needs 3, the pressure’s on.


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